Easy VPN Network Extension
with the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™

Work-From-Home and GoRemote™ with The World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™

We’ve simplified and made easy to get your Work-from-Home remote users connected to your network and productive NOW.  Unlike a VPN client or appliances can connect all your users and devices without wasting time, without troublesome configurations, while being completely secure.

Because we are an Ethernet tunnel, ALL office resources, including servers, file shares, printers, group policies, are available remotely…just like you are actually in the office!  And NO remote configuration or Setup. Just plugin and go!

Whether you need 1 connection to your office or 1,000 to your cloud our GoRemote™ solution is the easiest, fastest, and most trusted way to Work-from-Home.

Why IpTL GoRemote™?

  • Plug-and-Play – Deploy a link over generic Internet such as xDSL, Cable, or Fiber services
  • No Router Configurations – No need to setup up port forwards
  • Works with Dynamic IP – Use the Interenet you have to get the network you want
  • Unblocked Transparent Networking – Your remote users are “on your LAN” with unblocked access to resources just like they are in the office
  • Secure – NOT A P2P Service – Data is always between your endpoints and over your link
  • Universal Compatability – Not a client – works with PC’s, MACs, Phones, and any Ethernet based devices
  • Stack up as many you need – Need many links fast, just stack up appliances

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How does it work?  Plug-and-Play.

IpTL’s Patented AutoConnect™ feature enables two appliances to automatically establish a direct connection – Ethernet Extender – between each other.  This works even though they are on dynamic IP or installed behind a router/NAT/firewall or on a private IP.  When two units are connected the datapath is ALWAYS between both units.  There is no data traversal through a 3rd party cloud or rendezvous server.

How it works

  • Plug in each appliance
  • Connect the networking based on the LAN you want to extend
  • The appliances will automatically establish a link and your LANs will be joined
  • When a remote device, pc, or similar is connected it will DHCP an IP address, across the tunnel, to the headend network and get’s an address on the LAN

How does an Ethernet Extender & Bridging Solve Networking Problems?

Many devices that are now called IOT – such as Printers, PLC/SCADA RTUs, IP Cameras, Access Control and applications like ERP, Database, & Analytics – were all created with an Engineer at his desk on a LAN.  Of course, it works great in that environment.   Also, some applications, protocols, & devices may use certain facilities such as broadcast or multicast to communicate.  These work great on a LAN but absolutely do not work over remote IP or Internet links.  That’s why you need an Ethernet Extender.

Using IpTL appliances we create a secure and transparent Ethernet Bridge between your sites.  Sometimes called a VPN Bridge.  This preserves the Ethernet facilities so regardless of networking needs of your application or device it will work properly.  In other words, the applications and devices all “think” they are sitting on the same local area network and work like they should.

Of course, we secure your data with the current best practices using AES 256 encryption and automatic Dynamic Keys so you don’t have to worry about incorrectly setting up a VPN like IPsec.

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