Secure Remote Access for IP Cameras, Access Control, and RF Readers and any OT device

Securely Connect & Tunnel Remote IP Cameras to your Central Site NVR

IpTL’s Secure Remote Access gets your IP Cameras connected to your NVR without requiring special links or customer router configurations.

  • Link your IP Camera Ethernet to your NVR transparently without loss of funcationality
  • Secures your IP Camera end-to-end from hackers, spy’s and unauthorized interception
  • Offload your your limited leased-line bandwidth and use your Internet to create a secure & private virtual leased-line
  • IpTL’s patent pending IPShare™ technology enables local and remote access without IP address renumbering
  • Works with any brand of IP Camera – Support Remote Programming Software and Remote Security Control – just connect the Ethernet
  • Works with any Video/Audio codec like H.264, H.265, and legacy video like motion JPEG
  • All camera and NVR functions are preserved like PTZ, audio & talk-back, door strike control

Seamlessly Connect Access Control Readers & Controllers

IP door readers and network attached access control systems give you flexibility in deployment.  But how do you connect remote locations, big buildings, & large campus’s to your master stations?

IpTL appliances can take your RFID readers and panels, Bluetooth, or even biometric readers such as fingerprint, or facial recognition and connect them to your access software and master station controllers.

  • Works with any brand of reader, controller, panel, or master station- RAIN compatible
  • Can support multiple mixed facilities – like RFID reader and IP Camera at the same location 
  • Readers connect to the master station just like they are sitting on the LAN next to each other – fully transparent and no modifications

RF Readers, Gateways, & Acquisition

Today, advanced monitoring systems and technologies are available to sense, collect, & analyze critical data points in new wearable applications. But how do you get your RF Reader or Gateway back to the server for analytics?

IpTL appliances can connect your Smart Collars and Remote Readers to your PC-based analysis system.  Using IpTL you can use any Internet available and does not require configuring the customers routers or changing their network.


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