Scott Whittle


Scott co-founded IPTL in 2009 and is responsible for the overall company vision and strategy including sales, product, technical, and intellectual property contributions.

Always working in the line-of-revenue, Scott has held executive-level product management, sales, and technical sales roles, determining, assessing, prioritizing and executing initiatives that are aimed at growing revenue, increasing gross margin, and delivering net profit.   Prior to founding IpTL, he was Vice-President of Product Management at a mid-sized datacom manufacturer.  As the leader of the product portfolio, he directed a team of seven product managers and product marketing staff to define, deliver, and evolve product lines, while also meeting profit/loss and R&D investment objectives.   Scott was also a key member of the executive leadership team and directly worked on several M&A projects enabling the acquisition of key technologies for growth.

Scott holds eight patents and four patents-pending.

Scott, a native of Chicago, now calls Maryland home with his wife of 31 years and his two sons.

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