IpTL Licenses and Key Functionality

Appliance Product Licenses for Scaleable Functionality

IpTL’s appliances are full-featured and include all the functionality needed for successful installation and operation. To provide the best value, IpTL does license specific capabilities or functionality so a customer can right-size and expand as driven by their application.

Licenses can be added to any appliance at any time. All licenses are a one-time charge and are perpetual to the appliance.  This means no recurring payments or renewals and the functionality never ends.

The following lists the most common licenses:

License Type Functionality Notes
  • Enables a Client Tunnel to a server.
  • Enables a Server to terminate a remote connection from a client.
  • Typical SKU is a “xxxxx-xx-9501”
  • Each license enables one connection (tunnel) client or server.
  • There is no limit to the number hosts, networks, or VLANs over a connection.
  • One connection license required for each simultaneous connection between appliances.
  • Connections are system-wide and can be used across any tunnel and are not limited to a specific tunnel.
  • Enables an interface for the origination or termination of connections.
  • Allows additional configurable port number and configurations.
  • Typical SKU is a “xxxxx-xx-8501”
  • Each license enables one tunnel port.
  • Often used in multiple site segmentation, bonding, failover, or mesh connection deployments.
vGate™ IPsec tunnel Connection license
  • Enables IPsec termination on a server appliance.
  • Use for iPhone, Android, PC, MAC Client connections.
  • Does not consume an “9501” connection or “8501” tunnel license.
  • Can work simultaneously with other IpTL Tunnel technologies.
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