Protect your Connections
from Ransomware, Backdoors, & Island-Hopping

DNS SecureSwitch™  Helps You Automatically Allow, Block, or Switch based on FQDN or URL 

What Does SecureSwitch™ Do?

Access Control Lists (ACLs) are a well-known way to provide access allow and block based on a known IP address. But Internet communications use URL-based names (e.g. and trying to continually update your firewalls lists just won’t work.

IpTL’s DNS SecureSwitch™ solves this by dynamically updating its ACL’s based on the dynamically received IP addresses packed inside a standard DNS request.    Now you do not have to manually update based on IP but allow, block, or switch paths based on the URL.  It’s that simple.

How Does SecureSwitch™ Protect against Ransomware & Backdoors?

With IpTL you can protect the network from the device and the device from the network!  Using Zero Trust and Microsegmentation it is easy to isolate devices while still allowing desired traffic.

Stopping undesired communications, SecureSwitch™ enables dynamic allow rules for your trusted domains while blocking non-authorized names. Along with our dynamic connection-based firewall rules, only communications initiated from authorized hosts is allowed to flow.

IpTL blocks Ransomware two ways.  First, Your devices never have visibility to your network and you can stop active and passive scanning, services probing, and island-hopping in its tracks. Second, we block communications to command-and-control servers (C2).

You want your device to do its job and nothing else…and we make that happen!

Use SecureSwitch to™ Direct Your Traffic to the Right Locations Automatically 

Security starts with ensuring that you are communicating with trusted hosts.  With SecureSwitch™, we can direct communications towards the correct network path or tunnel without user or application intervention.

Now you can keep your internal servers off-the-net while still allowing remote devices and users transparent end-to-end access to your applications.

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