Unblocked, Reliable, & Secure Dynamic IP VPN with Internet Failover

The most cost-effective and absolutely reliable way to securely network all your sites over the Internet.

Our Appliances Connect You over Any Internet – Including Dynamic IP

Our appliances connect your networks together without the troubles and blocks of traditional IPsec VPNs.  IPsec from ANY vendor is a bad choice.  It has troubles with NAT routers, Dynamic IP, is difficult to configure, steals bandwidth, causes hang-ups, and is down right unreliable.  IPsec is also extremely easy to filter and block and is a Layer-3 protocol only.   What a mess.

Only IpTL can connect your remote network devices together over any Internet link without the troubles and blocks like IPsec.

  • IpTL can port-hop and run bonded tunnels automatically
  • Gives you a true security end-to-end with dynamic keying, AES256/X.509 out of the box
  • Obfuscates the VPN and removes the finger print of the tunnels and packet shaping to hide Voip/Video UC
Dynamic-IP – on both ends of the link Use any IP/Internet connection – xDSL, vSAT, Cellular, Cable
Connect any Ethernet device end-to-end We work with IP, IPv4/6,  and non-IP based devices without change
Totally transparent to the device data We move Ethernet frames exactly like sitting on your LAN
True end-to-end security AES256, X.509, Dynamic Keys – Preconfigured out of the box
Multipath tunnel bonding and dynamic switching Dynamic Switching provides the best path at all times
Tunnel obfuscation & Data Whitening Truly keep your underlying communications private

Blocked, Filtered, or Proxy’d?
We can help!

Active/Active Full mesh with Active/Passive Cell Failover/Restore

Dynamic IP, NAT Friendly, & Bonded Tunnels
You can use any Internet to Connect All the Time

We don’t use the network address as part of the security association. Instead, IpTL secures the link with Dynamic-IP and NAT friendly technology which don’t cause hang-ups, drop-outs, and loss-of-fidelity.

Our multipath tunnel bonding and our exclusive SystemMonitor™ enables you to aggregate and hot-switch between multiple the best path.   You can also have simultaneous tunnel paths over a single provider link or aggregate multiple provider links to gain bandwidth and redundancy.

IpTL’s BlackNoise™ gives you Whitened Data
We keep your tunnel Unblocked, Unfiltered, & Private

You expect your links are private and it shouldn’t be obvious what your communications are.  Traffic analysis and inference attacks can deduce information from your patterns and can be performed even when the traffic is encrypted.

IpTL’s BlackNoise™ set of obfuscation and path optimization techniques can remove tunnel, data, & traffic fingerprints and keep your links unblocked, secured, and private.  It is trivial to filter our IPsec tunnels and may firewall and proxys are doing just this.  Simpley, IPsec cannot give you privacy, security, or the ability to remain unblocked.

IpTL, with TLS and FastLink pipes, can keep your links up and private.

Dynamic Multi WAN Internet Failover & Restore
Active/Active and Active/Passive Keeps You Up

We can eliminate any single point of failure in your communications chain.   IpTL offers key technologies to protect your comms:

  1. Active/Passive – One or more connections with one tunnel and data path in use
  2. Hot-Active Multipath – Multiple tunnels with data path across one tunnel in use
  3. Active/Active – Multiple tunnels bonded together data across multiple tunnels

With these methods, you can provide up to 64 separate logical or physical Internet failover connections.  It is also possible to combine technologies.  For example: you have multiple provider paths with independent bonded tunnels (active/active) and use cellular backup if the physical provider is down.

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