We Do Connectivity Differently

When connecting remote IoT/M2M devices to your datacenter or cloud, IpTL’s FastLane VPN Gateways gives you the most cost-effective and absolutely reliable way to securely network all your sites over the Internet.

Cost-Effective Networking

Our FastLane™ appliances eliminate the expensive network requirements, extra hardware add-ons & configurations, and lost productivity waiting for remote connectivity.

We connect your devices without requiring costly special network services or predefined network architectures

We work with Dynamic IP – on both ends of the link– NO KIDDING!

Our appliances include all that is needed for secure and redundant connectivity without requiring costly extra equipment

Eliminates the need costly leased-lines, MPLS, or VPN services for your connectivity and without with recurring operational costs and without delays in provisioning and deployment

No recurring annual “subscription” licenses and includes full networking connectivity and integration to your network without hidden extras or “whoops, you need to buy that license to do that.”

Doesn’t require expensive “special-skills” engineers or outside consultants

Absolutely Reliable links

FastLane™ appliances enables your applications & infrastructure to work by keeping your links-up, fully secure, and fully transparent end-to-end.

FastLane™ technology works with Dynamic IP ISP services, even on both ends of the link, which keep your data, and productivity, flowing without interruption

Our appliances have the most robust and fastest redundancy built-it with no extra licenses or hardware to keep your business up and running reliable in changing network condition

IpTL provides the most efficient tunnels and works through filtered, proxy’d, or network constrained connections

Our appliances are not just host-based connectivity but provides full network functionality to all remotes – even when your apps are in the Cloud

With our virtual versions IpTL gives your Cloud based & Virtual Applications seamless and truly secure access without blocks or hassles or “provider” dedicated VPN’s

Securely over any Internet 

With our appliances you can use any commodity Internet access service to create your own network overlay or into your cloud apps with true data security even behind a firewall or NAT  with private and secure trust & control.

Use your existing access Internet services for production quality networking

Generic Internet to links can be used to connect your hybrid IoT devices apps to your cloud VPC without exposing your apps to the general Internet

Get truly secure links over all access services including xDSL, Cablemodem, VSAT, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular/LTE

Our HotelApp™ captive-portal switching enables log-in for at Airports, hotels, shared-office sites

Our IpShare™ connects your networks with overlapping address spaces and without configuring your local routers

Only IpTL has an Out-of-the-Box strong security keeps the bad guys out and your data in flight safe

IPTL does not use public root CA’s so we are not susceptible to the same issues of compromised or government acquired root private keys

IpTL can be installed behind your existing routers, NATs, and Firewalls

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