Support Service Policy

IpTL’s TSS includes providing setup, installation, and feature implementation technical assistance and general assistance regarding use and implementation on a limited basis.

IpTL’s TSS only provides assistance to the deployment and implementation of network settings and/or configurations related to our appliance  and it does not include network integration, network troubleshooting (outside of IpTL appliance implementation), or configuration/alteration of non-direct networking elements.

Technical Support Services (“TSS”) are provided by IpTL to customers who have purchased either directly from IP Technology Labs, LLC or one of it’s authorized resellers.

If you did not purchase from directly from IpTL, please contact your reseller for assistance.

  When opening a case, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Ethernet MAC address (also used as the appliance Serial number) – starts with 02:02:xx:xx:xx:xx
  • Definition of the problem in detail
  • Priority Level and impact of the problem
  • Indication of the activity that was being performed when the problem occurred
  • If this is a new first-time installation, and drawn application diagram of the desired connectivity and network addressing.
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