IpTL Model 8 NetBlazer-D2™ Secure Remote Access Adapter with Wi-Fi AP & Uplink, VPN Tunneling, USB Ethernet

Clientless Access for All your Devices with Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces

The IpTL Model 8 NetBlazer-D2™ Secure Remote Access Adapter provides true plug-and-play secure clientless access for on-the-go users.  More than a VPN, the NetBlazer™ delivers full network access to all resources and shares them with your PC, phone, and tablets – all at the same time. Transparent to data, applications, and peripherals there is no change in how your work while out of the office.

When to Use

  • Secure Connectivity without clients – use with PC, Mac, Android, IOS or any device
  • Full BYOD integration for all devices
  • Connectivity for remote teleworks, conferencing, and VoIP call centers
  • Network independent – can use any commodity Internet to connect anywhere
  • Provides 2-Factor Authentication – Only users that have the Model 8 can connect (can lock to PC to prevent lost/stolen access)
What you should know
  • Easy, instant, and secure clientless remote access
  • Connect all mobile user’s devices to secure central site
  • Standup on-the-spot network sharing in any environment
  • Man-in-the-Middle interception protection for connected users
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connects all your devices to both the LAN and the VPN Tunnel
  • Can use Wi-Fi as WAN uplink or access point simultaneously
  • Can use with just USB power – host PC is not required
  • Does not require any software client or
    installation on PC or device
Key Benefits & Features
  • Easy, Turn-Key Tunnelling Router with Wi-Fi local private Access Point and Station Client Wi-Fi uplink provides secure uplink at public Hotspots preventing Man-in-the-Middle interception
  • Share secure access with all your devices regardless of type or OS.
  • Clientless access means no OS software maintenance or clients break or leak information
  • 2FA (something you have) and Login (something you know) to add additional user security
  • Can lock the Model 8 to the PC to prevent operation if lost or stolen
  • Compatible with all IpTL appliances so you can build out your network quickly and leverage your installed systems lowering costs and simplifying deployments  
  • Fully remote manageable, just like all IpTL appliances, to give you control without a truck roll

Point-to-Point Secure Connectivity and Sharing

The Model 8 NetBlazer-D2 can be set to connect with another IpTL appliance providing secure point-to-point network access and sharing for all devices.  The Model 8 incorporates both Wi-Fi AP and Station Uplink as well as USB Ethernet.  The Wi-Fi Station Uplink feature will connect your appliance and devices without exposing them to unprotected network scanning and rendering any man-in-the-middle attacks unsuccessful.  Additionally, with the access point Wi-Fi you can create your own personal and secure private hot-spot for all your devices at the same time.

Multisite User and Site Connectivity and Integration

The Model 8 NetBlazer-D2™ can be used as part of a larger multi-point integrated deployment.  IpTL appliances are all based on the same software suite and enables a single installation to be shared across different architectures and deployment architectures.

Site-2-Site VPNs and remote users can connect to the same headend resources, segmented across network resources, and secure end-to-end without creating separate systems simplifying deployments.

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