Solutions for Banking and ATM Machine Connectivity

The most Cost-effective & Reliable way to Securely network all your sites

Connecting your Branches & ATMs is your Business

Banks are in the service business of money, and being available to customers is the lifeblood of any bank. But remote connectivity is either expensive, unreliable, or inflexible to meet the demands of today’s financial institutions.

IpTL’s Easy, Stable, Seamless, & Secure connectivity solutions ensure you always have end-to-end communications. Whether you are connecting ATM machines, IP Camera surveillance off-load, or remote branches; IpTL can help keep you Always Connected™.

Plus, IpTL’s firmware and appliances have been PCI DSS 4.0 tested and pass without any exceptions.  Click here to download the current PCI DSS scan and penetration testing report.

ATM Connectivity over Cellular/LTE

IpTL Models 7151 (International) and Model 7004 (Verizon Certified) can provide you the reliable and seamless connectivity to your deployed ATM machines.  The IpTL difference enables the connection of ATM machines, VoIP Handsets, and IP Surveillance/security devices with the same appliance.

Each IpTL appliance offers dual diversity antennas and the ability to deploy remote antennas for challenging areas.  The five Ethernet ports give you connection options for all associated peripherals at the site.  Our SuperNAC security suite enables you to lock down all ports, communications, and applications.

The Fastest Cellular/LTE Failover/Restore Protection of Leased-Lines

In addition to using our LTE appliances for primary connectivity, we can also dynamically protect existing leased-line connectivity.  Our exclusive SystemMonitor™ feature enables the fastest failover/restore connectivity protection for existing data circuits.

SystemMonitor™ is fully tunable and configurable to ensure your machine or branch is always up and running, and without the expense of dual-MPLS carrier lines.  Using Cellular/LTE enables a diverse path and helps eliminate any single-point-of-failures in your system.

IP Camera Off-load Protects your Valuable Production Network & Bandwidth

Connecting branch IP Cameras to a central site for recording and monitoring by your security team can overload your existing production MPLS links.  With IpTL, you can segment and securely backhaul video streams over commodity Internet.

This frees up your limited bandwidth MPLS links and keeps your security network segmented from your production financial transactions.

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