IpTL Model 7151 Cellular Secure Network Gateway with built-in LTE International CAT 4 Cellular Modem

Semi-Ruggedized Appliance with Integrated Cellular Modem, Reliable VPN/Tunneling, Routing, and Failover

IpTL FastLane™ Model, 7151 Series appliances, tightly integrate a built-in cellular LTE broadband Internet modem along with our full-featured access easy VPN/Tunneling router and connectivity features.

Great for IoT/M2M connectivity, Automatic Cellular backup/Internet Failover, Out-of-Band Management, & Remote Branch, the 7151 includes all the expected networking features that need to easily connect over any network.

When to use

  • Remote Internet Access over the Cellular Network – ATM machines, Digital Signage, IP Cameras, Access Control
  • Failover to Cellular redundancy protecting your existing Internet connection
  • Secure IoT/M2M connectivity from device-to-cloud with Private IP
Ideal Applications
  • IoT & M2M Connectivity, Security, & Cloud Trunking
  • Cellular Internet Failover & Restore for WAN Protection
  • Out of Band Management Access
  • IP Camera Remote Access VPN and Security
  • Access Control, IO,  Intelligent Readers & Network-based Controllers
  • Building Automation Systems HVAC Maintenance, monitoring & control
  • Digital Signage Connectivity
  • Mobile – Taxis, Light Transport Vehicles
  • ATMs, Kiosks, Point of Sale systems, & Lottery machines
What you should know
  • Cellular LTE Modem with Integrated Security and Management and lets you Connect, Access, and Secure your data over the LTE data network
  • Trunk your IoT or M2M devices to your headend applications seamlessly with security and control end-to-end so that your data flows between your devices and applications
  • Dual Cellular, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi WAN, & Ethernet operation connects all your devices to both the LAN and the Tunnel so you don’t need extra gear to purchase, configure, & manage
  • MPLS or Lease-line cellular Internet failover and redundancy over the Internet with Active/Active redundancy keeping your links up and running and your data flowing without worrying about which path is active
  • Provide out-of-band management access to your networks through secure cellular access
  • Load-Balance and Link Aggregation supporting up to 64 independent network connections providing true reliable connectivity so you can get the reliability and throughput your applications demand 

Best WAN Cellular Failover with SystemMonitor™

See the live demo of IpTL’s fastest and reliable WAN failover & restore capabilities with its patent-pending SystemMonitor™ switching feature.  You see this all with full security and without network flapping or changes.  No one does it better, faster, or more reliably than IpTL’s failover VPN.

7151 Cellular LTE IoT M2M Trunking VPN Gateway Router to virtual instance

IoT Trunking over LTE Cellular – SmartMeter Application

SmartMeters and sensors provide quick, accurate, and real-time control of fielded devices without having to manually go-to the “meter”.  But how do you get that data back to your applications? Critical infrastructure & low-power sensors just don’t have the security to protect against today’s persistent threats.

IpTL’s IoT Trunking gives your IoT gateways & controllers a transparent VPN LAN pipe over Cellular and/or Wired Internet.  Your applications and devices can communicate without modification.  Wrapped in the latest security, IpTL keeps your good data protected in transit, hides access to your IoT gateway and applications, and keeps the bad guys out.

Access Control Integration with LTE Internet Failover

Connect your remote Access Control readers and IoT/M2M terminals to your controller without the headaches of a traditional VPN router.  With IpTL you can connect without any networking blocks or the need to configure remote routers at your customer site.   Operating at L2/Ethernet, the IpTL VPN “hides” the underlying network – including those that block you like NATs, Dynamic IP, Firewalls, Filters, & Proxys – to give your system a secure and transparent end-to-end link.

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