IoT Connectivity, Security, & Trunking

Connect, Secure, & Backhaul your Sensors, RTU’s, PLC/SCADA, & SmartMeters

IP Cameras, Access Control, Readers, & PLCs

Connect, Secure, & Stream your remote IP Cameras & Access Control Terminals & Controllers

Reliable Internet Failover for any WAN Link

Our SD-Failover and protect your connectivity end-to-end automatically

Unblocked, Reliable, & Secure Dynamic-IP VPN

Reliable Secure VPN appliances for all users, applications, & devices

Ethernet Extenders & VPN Bridging

Extend your LAN remotely and support any application or device securely

Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Access Networking

Device-to-Cloud secure connectivity – virtual appliances for VMware, AWS, Azure, Hyper-V

What IpTL Appliances Do

FastLane™ VPN Tunneling gateways provide the most reliable, cost-effective way to use any Internet to securely connect your remote IoT/M2M devices and applications site-to-site.

We solve your remote access & VPN connectivity problems by reliably, easily, and transparently linking your devices & networks securely over any Internet link. 

Use IpTL Appliances for:

  • Ethernet Extender over Internet
  • Site-to-Site VPN Remote device & office connectivity to HQ
  • Remote Cellular Access & Failover
  • Remote access from your network to your Virtual Private Cloud

What You Need to Know

  • Works with Dynamic IP/DHCP networks
  • Redundant multipath connectivity
  • Tunnel any LAN/Ethernet Edge-to-Edge –
  • Supports Ethernet L2, including VLANs, and/or IP L3 routed
  • Cloud based virtual appliances give you hybrid cloud VPC access
  • Strong security X.509/AES256, Dynamic Keying, Port Hoping, Anti-DPI Features
  • Device, OS, & Protocol Agnostic – use with any Ethernet wired or wireless 

See the Magic for Yourself with our Free Trial Demo

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